Window cleaning

With over twelve years experiance in window cleaning we are happy to provide traditional and pure water window cleaning for domestic and commercial customers.

Commercial & domestic window cleaning

We can provide window cleaning for commercal and residential clients. We can clean a one bedrom house to schools and large industrial buildings.


The Exterior Cleaning Company is experianced with working inline with facility companies and understand the importance of keeping to time and fulfilling the contracted work.


we are able to clean upto 60ft using the pure water 'pole system' and are able to bring together six - eight opperatives at short notice for emergency cleans. Each van carries its own supply of pure water with an average of 600ltrs per vehcle feeding two opperatives per van

Pure water window cleaning

The pure water or 'pole system' method is an effective and time saving way to clean windows. The pole system allows us to reach windows above the first floor which is the limit for traditional window cleaning, it also allows us to clean gutters, sofits and windows above conservatories. The pole system is the preferred choice for almost all commercial customers as it is health and safety compliant. 


The pole system works by purifying water through resin so that it contains no impurities. This water is then pumped to the pole and brush allowing the operator to clean the windows from the safety of the ground. The combination of pressurised pure water and the soft bristle brush can remove all manner of marks from the windows, the water when dry leaves no marks on the glass.


The main plus point with this method is because it is quicker to clean a property with the pole system the price is lower than cleaning the same property with the traditional method. If cleaned on a regular basis with this method a thin film of resin builds on the glass as a protection and makes it difficult for dust and dirt to settle.

Traditional window cleaning

The traditional method is the most widely known method of cleaning windows. It involves a ladder, squeegee and a head for heights to get the job done.


With over 15 years experience in traditional window cleaning we are able to offer internal window cleaning, a service most 'pole system' window cleaners cannot.